RM3000-2 Rain to Mains System ( PRJ075 + RM1500-2 + cover)

$ 1410.00
Model Number: RM3000-2
Head/Draw: Tooltip 42m
Max flow: Tooltip 76 L/min
Pump rating: Tooltip 20m, 25 L/min
Inlet/Outlet size: 25mm
Horse power: Tooltip 750W
No. taps/outlets: 5-8
Cable length: 3 metres
Amp draw: 5 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
Packaging Size (cm): 36.5 x 19 x 39.5cm
Liquid to be pumped: Clear water
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The RM3000-2 is the Reefe PRJ075 pressure pump with RM1500-2 changeover valve plus pump cover in a rain to mains pump system. No cables, no float, no solenoid, no electronic controls. Kit comes complete with cover and flexible hoses. The RM3000-2 stops the flow of mains water supply while rain water is being pumped to help conserve our precious resource. This system is only suited to flooded suction and is suitable for whole house supply (more than 1 bathroom). Pump covers available in a variety of colours to match most standard tank colours. Please let us know your chosen pump cover colour. View pump covers.

Comprehensive rain to mains systems & rain to mains changeover valves available. 

  • House / cabin / granny flat
  • Domestic toilet and laundry
  • Small commercial / industrial
  • Garden irrigation
  • Toilet blocks (up to 6 fixtures)
  • Construction / mine site offices

Package complete with:

  • Pressure pump PRJ075 - 76L/min, 42m head
  • Pressure controller - auto restart
  • Rain to mains valveset
  • Poly elbows, y-strainer, reducing nipples and Fflexible hoses (supplied loose with pump)
  • Pump cover
  • Other pump sizes available
  • 2 year infield warranty

*Check specifications required

Reefe RM3000 rains to mains pressure pump system pump cover colour choices

Reefe rains to mains specification options

Reefe RM3000 rains to mains pressure pump system PRJ075 flow chart