Jabsco 12v Par-Max HD4 Freshwater Pressure Pump

Model Number: J20-210
Voltage: 12 volt
Max flow: Tooltip Open Flow: 4 GPM 15 L/min
Pressure: Tooltip 40 PSI cut-off pressure (2.8 bar)
Inlet/Outlet size: 12mm
Self priming to: 8ft (2.4m)
No. taps/outlets: 1 - 3
Maximum current draw: 9A
Recommended fuse size: 15A
Motor Design: Brushed, permanent magnet
Diaphragm: Santoprene
Certifications: CE, ISO8846, RCM
Ingress protections: IPX6
Packaging Size (cm): 39 x 15 x 14cm
Packaging Weight (kg): 3.15kg
Liquid to be pumped: Fresh water
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$ 422.00
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The Jabsco 12v Par-Max HD4 freshwater pressure pump is an ideal 12v pump to supply water at pressure to one to three taps / outlets in a 12 volt environment such as in a caravan, boat or for a small solar house application delivering 15 L/min @ 40PSI for a smooth flow and hassle free pump operation. 

This Jabsco pressure pump automatically turns on and off when you turn the tap on and off. Runs up to 3 outlets (sink, shower, toilet) with very smooth water flow even at low demand due to its integrated by-pass valve which controls unwanted cycling and noise. This accounts for the popularity of the Jabsco Par-Max freshwater pump range. A reliable 12v marine grade pressure pump with 3 year manufacturers warranty.

Jabsco J20-210 12V Par-Max HD4 Pressure Pump Applications

  • Caravan
  • Marine/Boat
  • Solar cabin
  • RV

Jabsco J20-210 12V Par-Max HD4 Pressure Pump Features

  • Jabsco – world leading brand
  • 3 year warranty
  • Long life sealed motor
  • Automatically turns on and off
  • Quiet operation
  • Self priming for ease of installation
  • Built in bypass lowers pulsation and noise, reducing cycling and provides a smoother flow
  • Reliable performance
  • Run dry without damage
  • Integrated, sealed pressure switch for on demand operation
  • Automatic thermal overload cutout
  • Made from durable, corrosion resistant materials
  • Supplied complete with quick connect port fittings
  • Installation instructions included. Must be used with a filter
  • Soft rubber mounts (feet)

Hose ports included: 2 x 12mm barbed for hose, 1 x screen filter


  • Mount pump in driest location
  • Follow pump instructions for correct set-up
  • Motors are not waterproof and should not be subject to external water contact

Jabsco Par-Max Pressure Pump Range: 

  • J20-202 - 12v - 40psi - 11 L/min - Parmax 3
  • J20-205 - 24v - 40psi - 11 L/min - Parmax 3
  • J20-208 - 12v - 60psi - 11 L/min - HD3
  • J20-210 - 12v - 40psi - 15 L/min - HD4
  • J20-211 - 24v - 60psi - 15 L/min - HD4
  • J20-280 - 12v - 60psi - 19 L/min - HD5
  • J20-284 - 12v - 60psi - 22.7 L/min - HD6
  • J20-285 - 24v - 60psi - 22.7 L/min - HD6

Typical 12v Jabsco water pump set up for caravan cabin or boat 

Typical 12v water pump set up for a cabin or small home