Liquid Level Alarm w Battery Back-Up and Solar Panels

Model Number: 4999
Voltage: 240 volt
$ 2497.00
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Reefe water liquid level alarm with 10m float switch, strobe, battery back-up and solar panels. Power failure at a pump station generally means a loss of the alarm features, therefore there is a requirement for a ‘Battery Back-up’.

All features of the standard and deluxe level alarm models are common to this device however the unique feature of this product, is the provision of battery backup and solar panels. Continuously charged by mains 240VAC power supply, the unit’s battery has sufficient capacity to drive the audible alarm for a period of 5 minutes and the visual alarm for a period of 12 hours after power failure has occurred. The battery is rated for continuous charging.

Reefe liquid level alarm w battery back up

An alarm system to suit septic, wastewater or rainwater tanks - both above or below ground for monitoring tank water levels in all domestic and commercial applications.

  • Continuously charged by mains 240 volt AC
  • Ideal for effluent, grey water or rain water tanks
  • Suitable for below or above ground tanks
  • Safe low voltage cabling float switch
  • Audio and Visual alarm on high level end
  • Continues to monitor the liquid level during power failure