12v Liquid Level Alarm

Model Number: 11111
Voltage: 12 volt
Float length: 10m float switch
$ 585.00
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REEFE 12v liquid level alarm is a controller for off grid solar applications, designed to provide a warning indication and alarm when a storage tank ( rain water, effluent water, grey water etc ) is either empty or full. If not muted, the buzzer on this 12 volt liquid level alarm controller will automatically silence after 5 minutes ( this feature can be disabled if a continuous alarm is required ).

REEFE 12V Liquid Level Alarm Enclosure:

  • IP54 weatherproof rating
  • Polycarbonate
  • Mounting brackets included

REEFE 12V Liquid Level Alarm Protection:

  • Low voltage control and input circuitry

REEFE 12V Liquid Level Alarm Alarms:

  • Visual (strobe) and audible (buzzer) alarms

REEFE 12V Liquid Level Alarm Control and interface:

  • Electronic keypad
  • Indicator lights for power on and level alarm
  • Audible and visual alarm mute / reset / test button

REEFE 12V Liquid Level Alarm Inputs:

  • Digital 12Vdc input for float switch
  • Input for 12Vdc power supply source

REEFE 12V Liquid Level Alarm Outputs:

  • BMS volt free output for common fault

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