Direct On-Line (Dol) Starter - 1 phase & 3 phase

Model Number: R-RPC15900
Voltage: 240 volt
415 volt
$ 695.00
Rating: Not Rated Yet

The Direct On-Line Starter ( DOL Starter ), housed in a robust, powder coated, lockable metal enclosure, provides a very cost effective way of controlling a pump where the usual standard features, typically available in pump controllers, are not required. Available for 240V and 415V applications.

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  • Auto / manual / off switching

  • Low voltage (24VAC) circuitry for input switches

  • Contactor and overload motor protection for pumps

  • In addition to a low voltage switch input the starter also has provision for a ‘cut out’ switch

Reefe RPC15900 DOL starter 13 phase pump controller specifications