RUP200-T Undersink Pump System with pump and timer

$ 1083.00
Model Number: RUP200-T
Max flow: Tooltip 200 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 8m
Inlet/Outlet size: 2 inch inlet and overflow. 1 inch outlet.
Cable length: 10m
Solids handling: 25mm
Amp draw: 2 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
Packaging Size (cm): 46 x 26 x 43.5cm
Liquid to be pumped: Grey & waste water
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Great undersink pump system to transfer grey and wastewater from your sink in your caravan motor home, bus, RV, tradesmans ute, shed or offices on construction sites. Undersink pump systems are ideal for those confined spaces, such as under benches, under sinks and in cupboards. Perfect pump system for transferring waste water to separators, or for lifting water from basements to street level waste connections. These undersink pump systems with vortex sump pump can be used to temporarily connect waste into a common waste system such as on building sites.

The RVS200VF submersible vortex sump pump with vertical float which is included in this undersink pump system is specifically designed for narrow sump pump out applications. Ideal for narrow and confined sites and has a low power consumption. Capable of handling solids up to 15mm and backed by a 2 year warranty proves the reliability of this submersible vortex sump pump. 

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Our comprehensive specifications and performance chart below will help you to choose the right pump system, but if you are unsure simply drop us a line with your requirements or phone us on 1300 411 366. FREE SHIPPING.

  • Pumping grey water
  • Undersink pump well units
  • Camper trailers and mobile waste systems
  • Building sites and other temporary waste systems
  • Wastewater removal

Reefe RUP series undersink pump pre assembled pump systems

  • Compact and easy to install
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Solids handling 25mm
  • Can handle up to 58 degrees celsius
  • Quality robust pump - RVS200VF
  • 24 hour auto pump timer
  • Not suitable for raw sewage
  • 45 litre polyethylene tank
  • 2" FBSP inlets and overflow
  • 1"MBSP outlet
  • RVS200VF vortex sump pump

Reefe RUP series undersink pump systems specifications

Reefe RUP series undersink pump systems performance graph