Liquid Level Alarm - Deluxe Outdoor

Model Number: R-12988-2
Voltage: 240 volt
Float length: 10m float switch
$ 430.00
Rating: Not Rated Yet

The REEFE Tank liquid level alarm is designed to provide a warning indication when your storage tank is either empty or full.

The Buzzer can be muted via a mute button.  If not muted the Audible buzzer will automatically silence after 5 minutes.  If a continuously sounding audible alarm is required, this can be done by changing the Jumper position on the circuit board.

The visual alarms will continue to remain on, until the alarm condition is eradicated.

A standard feature of the Tank Liquid Level Alarm is a ‘Voltage Free’ (5 Amp rated) output for connection to auxiliary devices.

The liquid level controller can be installed up to 50m from the tank being monitored.  Float switch cabling is ‘safe’, low voltage circuitry.

Warning indication is determined by a float switch.

Warnings are Audio (buzzer) and Visual (LED Pilot Light and or Strobe)

EXTRA:  SMS Liquid Level Controllers are available for sending SMS alerts when reaching a "HIGH" or "LOW" Level

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An alarm system to suit septic, wastewater or rainwater tanks - both above or below ground for monitoring tank water levels in all domestic and commercial applications.

  • Warning indication for storage
  • Ideal for effluent, grey water or rain water tanks
  • Suitable for below or above ground tanks
  • Comes standard with 10m cable float switch
  • Controller can be installed 50m from tank (longer cable required on float switch)
  • Safe low voltage cabling on float switch

Notes re SMS Liquid Level Controller:

In order to pre-configure the GSM customers will need to supply the following details:

  • an active SIM card with up to 5 numbers - all of which are messaged upon alarm action
  • SIM code - so that the GSM modem can access the SIM card
  • Station Name - this will be included in any SMS sent for identifying which pump station has sent the message