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Float Valve

A float valve is a simple controller to which responds to changes in fluid level. It can also be called a liquid level controller. The float valve will open or close according to its required use.

Flooded Suction

Flooded suction in pumps refers to the liquid flowing to the pump inlet from a higher source meaning it is gravity fed.

Flow rate

A pumps flow rate is the measurement of the volume of liquid the pump is capable of in a given time frame. Identified on a pumps specifications the maximum capacity flow rate of the pump is commonly measured in litres per minute (L/min), litres per second (L/sec) or metres³ an hour (m³/hr).

Foot Valve

A foot valve is a valve used in plumbing and commonly used in conjunction with pumps to allow a solution to flow in one direction only. A foot valve is also known as a check valve.

Friction Loss

Friction loss is the loss of energy or “head” that occurs in pipe flow due to viscous effects generated by the surface of the pipe. Friction Loss is considered as a “major loss”.