Commercial Rain to Main Pump Controllers

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RainPro rain to main water pump controllers are used in both submersible and dry mount pump operations, designed for industrial and commercial applications such as playing fields, golf courses and large commercial properties, where a ‘ high flow ’ pump system is required. Standard controllers for both heavy duty 1 phase 240Vac and 3 phase 415Vac water pumps are available. Housed in a lockable metal enclosure, the RainPro Heavy Duty controllers are equipped with contactors and overloads compatible for pumps (1Ph or 3Ph) rated up to 18amps full load current. 

  • Compatible with an entire range of high flow, low ' head loss ' valves
  • No pressure reducing valves
  • No continuously actuated solenoid valves
  • Test button - provides change of system status, including pump and valve switching
  • Indicator lights provide ‘power’ and ‘valve’ status information
  • Pump protection feature - If rain water is depleted, switching of pump output isolates power to pressure pump system
  • Controller can be situated up to 50m from storage tank
  • Ideal for industrial, commercial and/or domestic applications
  • Available with tank level indicator lights on request
  • Thermal/current overload protection of pumps
  • Visual / audible alarms available
  • SMS alert system available

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