Remote Status Indicator - Single Pump

Model Number: RPC15100
Voltage: 240 volt
$ 319.00
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Remote status indicator - A unique feature of the RPC1500 Series Dual Pump Controller is the coded Data Output, which can be utilized to provide a signal to a remote, compatible device such as this Remote Status Indicator. The unique feature is that the coded data signal, derived from the Pump Controller’s microprocessor, is conveyed through a low voltage 2 wire connection and then decoded by the Remote Status Indicator’s micro controller. Once the signal is decoded the micro controller provides four outputs to LED’s and a Buzzer mounted on the circuit board. Conditions displayed by the remote indicator include ‘power on’, ‘high level’, ‘pump 1 fault’ and ‘pump 2 fault’. The indoor indicator is mounted on an attractive wall plate, which incorporates the four indicator lights, plus the buzzer and mute button.

As soon as an alarm condition occurs at the pump station, the appropriate LED on the indicator is illuminated and the Buzzer starts to sound. The Buzzer will automatically silence after 5 minutes. The Buzzer can also be muted by way of the Mute button. The Alarm light will remain illuminated until the fault condition is remedied. Maximum distance betwen pump controller and RSI is 150m.

Reefe remote status indicator for single and dual pumps - Water Pump Now

REEFE RPC15100 Remote Status Indicator - Single Pump Features

  • Data output
  • Indicator lights
  • Buzzer and mute button
  • Flat wall plate
  • Plaster bracket and fixings


  • 2 core communication cable