Variable Speed Pump - Multistage Pump

Model Number: VSRE38-110
Max flow: Tooltip 110 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 38 metres
Pump rating: Tooltip 27m, 55 L/min
Inlet/Outlet size: 25mm
Horse power: Tooltip 1.1HP, 0.83kw
Amp draw: 4.2 amp
No. taps/outlets: 4 - 6
Voltage: 240 volt
Packaging Weight (kg): 13.05 kg
Liquid to be pumped: Clean Water
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You'll be amazed at the consistancy and increased pressure with your house water pressure with a Reefe Variable Speed Drive Pump System. No more running around the shower hoping some water will land on you.

A multistage pressure pump, the Reefe VSE series of variable speed drive pump are a market leading pump with advanced technologies for super efficient flow of clean water in various applications.

Available in an extensive range of sizes these variable speed drive pressure pumps are built to meet varying demands and requirements. Made in Europe the Reefe VSRE pumps feature highly durable construction to guarantee an extended service life backed by a 3 year warranty. Assembled with a variable speed drive the pump can respond to demands in application, guaranteeing perfect pressure.

Reefe Variable Speed Pump Applications

  • Whole house supply
  • Amenities blocks, hotels, restaurants
  • Irrigation supply
  • Mains pressure boosting
  • Stock watering systems

Reefe variable speed mulitstage pump range specifications

Reefe Variable Speed Pump Features

  • Highly efficient, energy saving design
  • Heavy duty, durable construction for extended service life
  • Externally ventilated motor for superior heat control
  • Automatic re-start after loss of prime event
  • Tested to AS4020 for potable water
  • IP44 protection rating | Class F insulation
  • 3 year warranty

Reefe Variable Speed Pump Construction

  • Stainless steel AISI304 pump body and impeller
  • Stainless steel AISI1416 shaft
  • Carbon-graphite mechanical seal
  • Noryl / fibreglass impellers and diffusers
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Quick plug connection
  • 2L or 4L European made pressure tank supplied dependant on VSRE series pump model

Models VSRE 65-175 | VSRE80-175 | VSRE46-350 are supplied with 15 amp 3 pin plug. All other models supplied with 10 amp 3 pin plug.

11 models in the VSRE variable speed multistage pump range: