RM5000-5 w RPS57E pump and RM1500-2 valve

Model Number: RM5000-5 w RPS57E + RM1500-2
Max flow: Tooltip 90 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 57m
Horse power: Tooltip 1250 watt. 6 amp.
Voltage: 240 volt
Cable length: 10 metres
Packaging Size (cm): 12.7 x 61cm
Liquid to be pumped: Clean water
$ 1539.00
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Commonly used to suit the Basix requirements in NSW where every new home must have a tank and pump this submersible rain to mains system is assembled with the RPS57E multistage pressure pump and the RM1500-2 changeover valve. Specifically designed for a fast and easy installation, whilst supplying contant pressure and flow. These rain to mains submersible pressure pump systems are 100% European made, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance in Rainwater supply applications. Ideal for underground tanks and best suited for supply to toilet, laundry and garden taps/outlets. Shop with confidence with the Reefe pumps 2 year warranty. 

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  • Rainwater system
  • Irrigation
  • Clean water transfer from tank and wells
  • Construction
  • Small commercial sites


  • Automatic start and stop dependant on demand of water by users
  • Integrated pressure controller with 220kPa/2.2 bar cut-in
  • Supplied with 20m H07RN8F
  • Integrated run-dry protection
  • Valve blockage detection system
  • Compact design
  • Water-cooled motor
  • Thermal overload protection


  • Rain to Mains Valve
  • Intergrated check valve, 100% hydraulic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Tested to AS4020 for potable water
  • Watermark certified componentry
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 pump body, motor shaft, handle, cover and screen
  • PPO impellers and diffusers
  • Alunina graphite, lubricated mechanical seal
  • Nickel plated brass valve 

 Reefe RM5000-5 Submersible Rain to Mains water pressure pump specifications

Reefe RM5000-3 Submersible Rain to Mains water pressure pump system performance graph