Flojet Pumps

Flojet pumps made are an excellent water pump choice in a 12v caravan, bus, boat and marine environment. Flojet Pumps offer a smooth flow and hassle free operation with the Triplex diaphragm design with a built in bypass to decrease water pulsation in your water pump. Flojet 12v pumps are a world reknowned and recognised water pump in the leisure industry market.

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Flojet FJ100 12v caravan water pump - Water Pumps Now
Out of stock
Max Flow Rate: 11 L/min
Max lift: Self priming to 2m
Pump Pressure: 50PSI
Outlets: 2-3
Power: 12V, 7.5 amps at 50PSI
Brand: Flojet
SKU: FJ100


$ 191.00
Flojet FJ350 12v water pump 13.3 L/min - Water Pumps Now Australia
Max Flow Rate: 13.2 L/min
Max lift: Self priming to 2m
Pump Pressure: 40PSI
Outlets: up to 3
Power: 12v, 11 amp at 40 PSI
Brand: Flojet
SKU: FJ350


$ 265.00