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Full range of reliable Reefe pumps for domestic, farm, industrial and commercial settings. Water Pumps Now Australia are an Australian company selling a large range of quality Reefe Water Pumps. Reefe Pumps offer excellent technical support and options of an extended Australian warranty. Water Pumps Now proudly partner with Reefe Pumps to provide you with a high quality product.

The range of water pumps in the Reefe pump range is extensive with a huge range of pressure pumps, submersible pumps, engine driven pumps, transfer pumps, irrigation pumps, sump pumps, pool pumps, variable speed pumps, pump controllers, rains to mains systems and the very popular Reefe pump station range with accessories and options in each Reefe pump category.

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Waterpro automatic pressure pump controller - Water Pumps Now
Cut in Pressure: 1.5 Bar
Plug Type: 3 pin plug w quick connection socket
Style: Suits pumps to 1.5KW or 2HP
Outlets: 25mm outlet
Power: 240v
Brand: Reefe


$ 195.00