Rule 500 Automatic Sensing Bilge Pump 24V

Model Number: RWB808
Max flow: Tooltip 31 L/min
Inlet/Outlet size: 20mm
Amp draw: 0.8 amp
Voltage: 24 volt
Packaging Size (cm): 10.7 x 7.4 x 6.4cm
Packaging Weight (kg): 0.3kg
Liquid to be pumped: Fresh - Salt Water
$ 284.00
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Rule Bilge Pumps Australia range of auto bilge pumps includes the compact Rule 500 submersible Automatic Sensing electric bilge pump delivering 31 L/min - with no float switch required.

How the Rule Automatic Sensing bilge pumps work - The “S” series automatic sensing RULE bilge pumps work on the principle of impeller resistance. The bilge pump turns on every 2 1/2 minutes for about 1 second to sense for water. If water is present, the bilge pump will sense resistance at the impeller and continue to run until water is removed. After that it will resume checking for water every 2 1/2 minutes. Water level is kept between 1/8” 3mm low and 3/8’ 10mm high.

Totally submersible bilge pump with water cooled, ignition and TCO protected motor, stainless steel shaft and snap-on strainer base. This Rule bilge pump is extemely efficient, draws low current and offers high capacity output in a very compact housing, to fit into the smallest available space. Please note - using the included check valve will reduce the output flow of the pump. Consumes only 0.20 amps per day. 12 or 24 DC only - Cannot be run through 240v transformers. Rule automatic bilge pumps are available in both 12 volt and 24 volt models. This listing is for the 24 volt model. 3 year limited warranty.

RULE 500 Automatic Sensing Bilge Pump 24V Applications

  • Bilge pump
  • General transfer pump
  • Camping pump

RULE 500 Automatic Sensing Bilge Pump 24V Features

  • Fully submersible pump
  • Snap on strainer base
  • Compact size and design to fit in the smallest places
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Higher flow - optimised impeller to provide greater flow at low amp
  • High efficiency, low amp draw ignition protected motor
  • Infused water blocking feature - to stop water wicking down inside the wiring
  • Built-In thermal cut-out (TCO) in the motor provides extra protection
  • Backflow prevention - includes a removable check valve (Please note - using the check valve will reduce the rated output flow).
  • Threaded discharge port - gives easier installation and maintenance.
  • Discharge hose port is included with each pump
  • Hidden air vents in the pump prevent air locking in challenging plumbing installations and helps with the check valve operation
  • 3 year warranty
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