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WiWo Home dual water source controller

WiWo-20 is a smart water source controller that will automatically monitor the rainwater available in your tank and deliver it whenever it is available. When tank water is deplete, WiWo will automatically switch to town water to assure an uninterupted supply.

WiWo-20 can service up to four (4) simultaneous applications such as toilet flushing, washing machines, garden irrigation, and car washing etc. WiWo-20 is designed for use on plumbing up to 20mm and will deliver up to 75 litres per minute. The device is suitable for connection to centrifugal or submersible pumps to 2 hp with current draw to 10 amps per phase. WiWo can easily be cut into your existing line for affordable water supply.

Specifications: Maximum Pipe Diameter - 20mm Maximum water delivery - 75 l/m Maximum pump size - 1,500W (2HP)