Shop Waterpro domestic Sump Pumps and Jet Pressure Pumps for your home and garden. Value packed high quality water pumps at affordable and competitive prices. 

The quiet running Waterpro jet pumps are certified under AS4020 for potable water for house and garden and suitable for suction lift for underground tanks or tanks at differing levels, water transfer, garden irrigation. 

The Waterpro range of vortex sump pumps made from corrosion resistant poly are lightwight, portable and efficient for emptying pools, moving waste water and for many other diverse applications for around the home or farm. 

Another great value packed Waterpro product is their petrol powered 1" transfer pump designed for domestic, camping, dewatering and light commercial water transfer.

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Reefe DJ58 house and garden jet pressure pump
Max Flow Rate: 55 L/min
Max Head: 33m
Outlets: 2-4
Brand: Waterpro
Power: 240V, 0.5HP, 370 Watts, 2.5 Amps
$ 379.00
Reefe DJ72 jet pressure pump with controller
Max Flow Rate: 71 L/min
Max Head: 40m
Outlets: 5-8
Brand: Waterpro
Power: 240V, 1HP, 750 Watts, 4.7 Amps
$ 441.00
Reefe DRS160 domestic vortex sump pump
Max Flow Rate: 168 L/min
Max Head: 7m
Solids: soft solids to 35mm
Brand: Reefe
Power: 240V, 0.73HP, 550 Watts, 2.1 Amps
$ 201.00
Reefe DS150 domestic vortex sump pump
Max Flow Rate: 150 L/min
Max Head: 7m
Solids: to 35mm
Brand: Waterpro
Power: 240V, 0.74HP, 550 Watts, 2.2 Amps
SKU: DS150
$ 172.00
Reefe DT42 turbine pressure pump
Max Flow Rate: 38 L/min
Max Head: 36m
Outlets: 2-3
Brand: Waterpro
Power: 240V, 0.5HP, 370 Watts, 1.9 Amps
$ 274.00
Waterpro WTP032 1inch lightweight portable domestic transfer pump
Brand: Waterpro
Start: Recoil Start
Max Flow Rate: 100 L/min
Max Head: 23m
Tank: 0.85 litre
Impellers:-1 Single
Power: Fuel, 1.2HP
Engine type: Waterpro Transfer 2 stroke
$ 310.00