Water tank float switch - single point - 5m cable

$ 93.00
Model Number: FS105
Float length: 5 metre
Amp draw: 16 amp
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The Reefe range of float switch options are suitable for water pumps and professional plumbing systems automation. These quality float switch will guarantee reliable integration with your pump and control equipment. This model is the Reefe FS105 5m single point float switch. Single function means the float switch can only be used for Close on Rise use (float on when up). Double function means that you have the option to have the float switch activating when the float is up or down depending on the wiring choice. (see below diagram).

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  • Pump out and tank fill control
  • Suitable for use in sewage and stormwater stations
  • High level alarm switch
  • Run dry protection for low level sensing
  • Tank Level Control
  • Neoprene Cables for resistance to chemicals and oils
  • Includes easily adjustable counter weight
  • Can be configured for close on rise and close on fall operation
  • Unique switch design where there is no contact with ball and switch preventing shorts due to corrosion

Reefe water pump float switch range

Reefe fs float switch range

Reefe submersible float switch terminal connections diagram