Water Shut-Off & Level Alarm

$ 1151.00
Model Number: R-9204
Voltage: 240 volt
Float length: 10m float switch
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The REEFE Water Shut-off & Level Alarm is a system controller developed to isolate the supply of Mains Water in the event of certain alarm conditions. The controller is generally used for applications where the Waste Water being discharged from an ablution block is required to be pumped away. Allowing water supply to continue in the event of power failure or pump fault, could result in an overflow or environmental spill of untreated waste water. By monitoring the level in the Outfall tank and the presence of Mains power, the controller appropriately switches the water supply Valve open or closed. The controller also incorporates ‘Power On’, ‘Alarm’ (strobe & LED) indication, as well as an Audible Siren complete with Mute button, which is activated in the event of a High Level.

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Isolates the supply of mains water in the event  of certain alarm conditions. 

Reefe 9204 water shut off level alarm specifications