Variable Speed Pumps - A Guide to Drive Pumps and Controllers

Why Choose a Variable Speed Pump?

A variable speed pump can make all the difference when it comes to optimising efficiency and are designed to adjust the pump speed based on the demand, providing the exact pressure required for your situation, whether it's residential or commercial.

There is no need to run around in the shower trying to get wet when the pressure is pitiful. We have provided a solution to pressure issues with our 240v electric domestic pumps which provide pressure to the actual demand point.

How do VSD Pumps Operate?

The flexibility of the VSD pumps is they operate by adjusting the motor speed to match the varying demand for flow and pressure in a system. This ensures precise control over the output conditions you require.

What are the Benefits of Using Variable Speed Pumps?

The introduction of these variable speed pressure pumps is one of the biggest advances in the pump industry this century. Pumps are used to move fluid around towns for our taps and sewage, for farm and commercial operations, and it is estimated pumps use roughly 10% of the worlds electricity. As nations realise the benefits of energy savings and the minimising of green-house gas emissions, pump designers and engineers are constantly looking to improve pump performances to meet reduced electricity targets. The benefits of automatic variable speed pumps include efficiency with significant power savings, reduced wear and tear on the system, and the ability to adapt to changing requirements seamlessly, save costs and with enhanced performance.

Why are Variable Speed Constant Pressure Pumps different from other Pumps?

Most pumps have a motor which is attached to a pump impeller which moves the fluid through its system at a fixed speed. The speed is determined by the RPM, which in Australia run at 50 HZ, equating to 2,950 RPM. It doesn't matter whether you have every outlet in the house operating or just one tap, the motor will be operating at its full capacity.

Choosing the Variable Speed Pressure Pump for Your Application

When selecting a variable speed constant pressure pump factors such as flow rate, pressure requirements, and motor power should be considered to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

Why Choose a Reefe Pump in the Variable Speed Pump Market

The REEFE VSRE series are designed with advanced technologies for super-efficient flow to suit various requirements. Available in many sizes including single phase and three phase options, these market leading pumps are built to meet varying requirements. Made in Europe the high quality, VSRE pumps feature a highly durable construction to guarantee extended service life. Assembled with a variable speed drive featuring pressure sensing technology to maintain constant pressure and speed during pump operation.

Reefe Pumps further provide multistage, vertical, variable speed drive pumps which can be assembled in sets to optimise mains pressure and larger irrigation pump systems.

The Role of Variable Speed Drive (VSD)  in Pump Systems

Variable frequency drives are widely used on pumps and play a crucial role in variable speed systems by controlling the rotational speed of the motor to adjust the pump output precisely, ensuring optimal performance, high efficiency and energy savings.

The Reefe controllers feature superior pressure sensing technology to maintain constant pressure and motor speed during pump operation. The controller is easy to operate and is mounted on the pump, with water through hydraulic connections.

Another controller used for these pumps is a wall mount style featuring intelligent frequency inverter for accurate pump control, which can be mounted individually or in groups of 4 for larger operations.

Automatic Operation and Tank Integration with Reefe Pumps

Reefe variable speed pressure pumps feature automatic operation and seamless tank integration, making them ideal for boosting water pressure and maintaining reliable performance.

Boosting Water Pressure in Applications with Solar-Powered Variable Speed Pumps

Solar powered pumps provide an environmentally friendly solution for increasing pressure in off-grid locations, utilising sustainable energy sources for efficient pump operation.

Utilising Pump Controllers and Kits for Easy Installation and Monitoring

Pump controllers and installation kits streamline the setup process and enable efficient monitoring of variable speed pumps, allowing for easy adjustments and maintenance as needed. Our pump engineers will discuss options with you. 

Why choose Water Pumps Now?

We offer a comprehensive range of pumps and controllers through both our online store and our warehouse in Tweed Heads NSW and strive to bring a high level of confidence to our large customer base through expert knowledge and customer service backed by a large range of high quality pump products. All our pumps surpass Australian and NZ standards with full warranties, so you can shop online with absolute confidence.

Get in Touch for Expert Guidance on Variable Speed Pump Selection

Our customer service team can provide expert pump recommendations and quotes on your new residential or commercial project and discuss the difference between variable speed pressure pumps compared to traditional jet pressure pumps and multistage pumps to find the best pump options for your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and cost saving. Contact us today!

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