How to replace your pressure switch

Replacing your pressure switch is an easy operation.

The switch is designed to regulate the delivery pressure and it works by turning the pump off when the set pressure is reached, and turns the pump back on again if the pressure drops. This sensitive piece of equipment can fail occasionally especially if the pump cycles frequently.

If you have a 240 volt model pump print these instructions and give them to an electrician.

1. Disconnect the pump from the power supply.

2. On the end of the pump is a black square box. This is the pressure switch. With a Phillips head screwdriver remove the screw in the middle and remove the cover.

3. Remove the two wires from the pressure switch and place them so you can reconnect them in the correct side of the new switch.

4. Unscrew the two screws on the sides of the switch.

5. Remove the old switch ensuring that you don’t or lose the O ring underneath.

6. Replace with the new switch following these steps in the reverse order.

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