Pump Shut-Off Controller

$ 640.20
Model Number: R-12983
Voltage: 12 volt
Float length: 10m float switch

This simple, yet effective controller provides the means of controlling an automatic pump, used to pump water from a tank into the home. The system provides for low voltage cabling between the float switch, situated in the storage tank, and the controller. When the storage tank is empty, the controller inhibits the pump and the ‘Low Level’ light is illuminated. Power to the pump is restored once water level in the tank has risen to the reset level.

  • Controlling an automated pump used to pump water from a tank into the home
  • ‘Power On’ indication
  • ‘Low Level’ indication
  • 10 amp switch rating
  • ‘Quick Plug’ pump and float switch DIY connection
  • Low voltage float switch circuitry

Kit Includes:

  • Controller enclosure with power lead and moulded plug
  • Mounting brackets
  • 10m NBR Float Switch