VSRM65-160 Variable Speed Pump - Inverter Pressure System

$ 2789.00
Model Number: VSRM65-160
Head/Draw: Tooltip 65m
Max flow: Tooltip 160 L/min
Pressure: Tooltip 92 PSI
Pump rating: Tooltip 50m, 123 L/min
Inlet/Outlet size: 40mm, 40mm
Horse power: Tooltip 3HP, 2.2kW
Amp draw: 8.4 amp
No. taps/outlets: 12 - 18
Voltage: 240 volt
Packaging Weight (kg): 24.5kg
Liquid to be pumped: Clean Water
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Domestic and commercial variable speed pump. The Reefe VSRM series of variable speed pump are a market leading variable speed pump. The Reefe variable speed pumps come with complete servicability from circuit board replacement to changing a mechanical seal - these variable speed pumps are not throw away pumps like other top brands on the market. At these prices for the quality, technology and servicability they are in our opinion leading the market in variable speed pumps.

A variable speed drive water pump is also known as a constant pressure pump as the motor speeds up and down dependant on the demand required giving you constant pressure resulting in huge energy savings. 

The VSRM series of variable speed pump is a perfect combination of the ultra reliable Reefe PRHM series stainless steel multistage pressure pump and the super efficient and easy to use Reefe VSD controller to combine into an exceptional variable speed pump system package which includes the variable speed pump with variable speed drive mounted on top of the pump, pressure tank & gauge.

Compact and quiet these variable speed pumps now offer exceptional energy savings through the efficient invertor technology saving you on your operation costs. With market leading functionality and extensive range of sizes there is certainly a pump to suit your pumping requirements. From whole house supply to amenites blocks supply to off the grid solar system operation, generator operation and irrigation systems these pressure boosting variable speed pumps can do it all. 

This listing is for the Reefe VSRM65-160 variable speed multistage pressure pump. With a 3 year Australian manufacturers warranty from Reefe, you can shop with absolute confidence. 

  • VSRM38-72          72 L/min     37m head     4 - 6   taps  
  • VSRM48-72          72 L/min     47m head    6 - 10  taps  
  • VSRM39-102      130 L/min     39m head    8 - 12  taps
  • VSRM58-102      130 L/min     58m head  10 - 16  taps
  • VSRM65-160      160 L/min     65m head  12 - 18  taps
  • VSRM50-270      270 L/min     50m head  14 - 20  taps

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  • Whole house supply
  • Apartment block supply
  • Irrigation supply
  • Commercial laundry applications
  • Amenities blocks, hotels, restaurants
  • Stock watering systems, chicken farms etc.
  • Mains pressure boosting

NOTE: Pump is not suited for suction lift and must be installed in a weatherproof enclosure (pump cover)

  • High efficiency, energy saving design when compared with traditional water supply pumps, saving up to 30%-60% on energy usage 
  • Quiet operation - typical noise level only 50-65 decibel
  • Long service life is guaranteed due to the minimal torque and abrasion on the shaft as a result of reduced revolutions in normal operation 
  • With the precise soft start and soft stop, water hammer is virtually eliminated in most installations, thereby protecting the plumbing and appliances from damage 
  • Supplied with 2L pressure tank, pre-charged to 2.0 bar (4L pressure tank on VSRM50-270 model)
  • Liquid temperature 0 - 90 degree celsius
  • Ambient temperature ≤50 degree celsius
  • Automatically re-starts after a loss of prime event due to no water
  • Automatically re-starts after interruption to power supply
  • Ideal for use with generator and off the grid solar power applications
  • Tested to AS4020 for potable water
  • Installation instructions included
  •  3 year warranty
  • All wetted parts are made of grade 304 stainless steel or brass
  • Continuous duty, 2-pole induction motor
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Class F motor insulation
  • IP54 rated - must be prottected from the weather
  • Fitted with 10 bar pressure transducer

Reefe VSRM series variable speed pump range specifications

Reefe VSRM series variable speed pump range multistage pressure pump flow chart