RVS250VF Vortex Sump Pump with vertical float

Model Number: RVS250VF
Max flow: Tooltip 235 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 10.5m head
Inlet/Outlet size: 40mm
Solids handling: 20mm
Cable length: 10m
Horse power: Tooltip 240v, 0.25kw
Amp draw: 2.8 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
Packaging Size (cm): 20 x 19 x 34.5cm
Packaging Weight (kg): 9kg
Liquid to be pumped: Waste - Clear - Stormwater - Grey Water
$ 709.00
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The Reefe RVS250VF premium vortex sump pump is specifically designed for the most demanding jobs with industrial grade motor insulation (Class F) and cast iron impellers. Highly reliable, every sump pump is factory tested for quality assurance. Commonly used by plumbers in both stormwater and grey water sump pump applications and in pre-assembled sump pump pit kits, due to their robust and reliable performance.

 REEFE RVS250VF Vortex Pump Applications

  • Wastewater treatment systems
  • Confined spaces
  • Small or shallow pits / sumps
  • Narrow irrigation chambers

Reefe RVS vortex sump pumps range with vertical float switch Water Pumps Now Australia

REEFE RVS250VF Vortex Pump Features

  • Low power consumption
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Soft solids handling 15mm (155), 25mm (250), 30mm (300) 
  • High performance
  • H05RN-F 10m power cable
  • Includes hosetail
  • Maximum liquid temperature 40°C
  • Adjustable "stop" vertical float switch
  • 2 year warranty
  • Electrical Safety Approval to AS/NZS 60335.2.41

REEFE RVS250VF Vortex Pump Construction

  • Stainless steel motor housing and shaft
  • Cast iron vortex impeller
  • Dual mechanical seal in oil chamber 
  • Cast iron base and outlet
  • Minimum pit dimension 300mm sq (RVS155VF, RVS200VF, RVS250VF)
  • Minimum pit dimensions 400mm sq (RVS300VF)
  • Ingress protection IP68
  • Insulation Class B - RVS155VF
  • Insulation Class F - RVS200VF, RVS250VF and RVS300VF