Vortex Drainage Pumps

A submersible industrial Vortex Drainage Pump is ideal for pumping liquids with soft or fibrous solids in suspension. The Water Pumps Now Australia range of Reefe Industrial Vortex pumps are quiet performing and used in demanding applications including abattoirs, for stormwater, laundries, waste treatment facilities, wash-down areas, commercial kitchens and restaurants.

The industrial submersible vortex pump range includes vortex pumps which can handle corrosive liquids and vortex pumps in both single and three phase, manual and automatic with high flow rates and low amp draw.

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Reefe SSV075 240V 316 stainless steel industrial grade drainage pump for corrosive liquids - Water Pumps Now
Type: Automatic
Max Flow Rate: 6 L/sec (360 L/min)
Max Head: 12.5m
Impellers:-1 Vortex Type
Solids: 35mm
Power: 240V, 1HP, 0.75KW, 5 Amps
Brand: Reefe


Reefe SSV370 3 phase 316 stainless steel industrial vortex pump for corrosive chemicals - Water Pumps Now
Type: Manual
Max Flow Rate: 20 L/sec (1200 L/min)
Max Head: 21m
Impellers:-1 Vortex Type
Solids: 38mm
Power: 415V, 5HP, 3.7KW, 7.6Amps
Brand: Reefe