Variable Speed Drive - Wall Mount - VSC1-12W

Model Number: VSC1-12W
Pressure: Tooltip 0.5 - 16 bar
Horse power: Tooltip 2.5 kW
Amp draw: 12 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
$ 1676.00
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Reefe variable speed drive specifically designed to mount on a wall individually or in groups of 4 pumps. Managed by an inverter, this variable speed drive features superior pressure sensing technology to maintain constant pressure and motor speed during pump operation. The improved efficiency of the pump operation also leads to power savings for the user.

Reefe wall mount variable speed drive controller

REEFE Variable Speed Drive - Wall Mount - VSC1-12W Applications

  • Intelligent, automatic, constant pressure operation of pressure pumps for a multitude of situations, domestic, commercial & industrial
  • Automatic operation of pressure pumps
  • Mains pressure boosting
  • Hotels, Amenities, Restaurants

REEFE Variable Speed Drive - Wall Mount - VSC1-12W Features

  • Intelligent frequency inverter for accurate pump control, and power savings
  • Automatic reset function to restore water after system has been stopped
  • Smart temperature control automatically reduces heat generation and pump frequency if electronic circuit exceeds 85°C - maintains water flow
  • Automatic restore system of configuration parameters if power supply is interrupted
  • Run Dry protection
  • Register of operational controls and alarms Ingress Protection IP55
  • Maximum ambient temperature 50°C