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Turbine pumps are special types of centrifugal pumps which use turbine-like impellers to move fluid with radially oriented teeth. Turbine pumps combine the high discharge pressures of positive displacement or multi-stage centrifugal pumps with the flexible operation of centrifugal pumps. Additionally, the flow rate of turbine pumps is not extremely variable with large changes in pressure like in most centrifugal pumps. They are preferred in applications where high head, low flow, and compact design are desired, such as in deep-well pumping.

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Reefe DT42 turbine pressure pump
Max Flow Rate: 38 L/min
Max Head: 36m
Outlets: 2-3
Brand: Waterpro
Power: 240V, 0.5HP, 370 Watts, 1.9 Amps
$ 274.00