Turbine Pressure Pump

A Turbine pump is the preferred pressure pump where you require high head, low flow and compact design such as in deep well pumping. A Turbine pressure pump is a special type of centrifugal pump which uses turbine-like impellers to move fluid with radially oriented teeth. Turbine pumps combine the high discharge pressures of positive displacement or multi-stage centrifugal pumps with the flexible operation of centrifugal pumps.

The robust Reefe PRT40E 240v turbine water pump with pressure controller and low amp draw will deliver up to 30 L/min with a maximum head of 35m. Made in Europe and designed for water transfer and garden use.

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Waterpro turbine pressure pump for house and garden - Water Pumps Now
Max Flow Rate: 40 L/min
Max Head: 35m
Brand: Reefe
Power: 240V, 550W, 2.4 Amps
$ 369.00
WaterPro DT42 turbine water pump - Water Pumps Now
Max Flow Rate: 38 L/min
Max Head: 37m
Outlets: 2 - 3
Brand: Waterpro
Power: 240V, 0.5HP, 370 Watts, 1.9 Amps
$ 339.00
Reefe PRT40E turbine pressure pump w controller - Water Pumps Now
Max Flow Rate: 43 L/min
Max Head: 35m
Outlets: 2 - 3
Brand: Reefe
Power: 240V, 0.75HP, 550 Watts, 2.4 Amps
$ 420.00