Tank Level Indicator

$ 2900.00
Model Number: R-9204
Voltage: 240 volt
Float length: 10m float switch
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This simple, yet highly effective Tank Level Indicator provides an extremely accurate and informative indication of water level within a tank. The controller is coupled to a Hydrostatic Pressure Transducer, which provides a 4-20mA signal to the Process Meter. The Process Meter displays the level in very clear LED numerals.

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  • Hydrostatic Pressure Transducer rating: 0.4m
  • Process Meter has 2 relay outputs
  • Display can be configured to read: m/mm (depth), percentage (full) or litres (capacity)
  • Can be connected to BMS (Builder Management System)

Reefe 18736 tank level indicator with hydrostatic pressure transducer specifications