Inline or Submersible Freshwater Electric Pump 12V

$ 76.00
Model Number: RWB2620
Max flow: Tooltip 12 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 7.5 metre head
Pressure: Tooltip 14 PSI
Inlet/Outlet size: 12mm
Amp draw: 2.8 amp
Voltage: 12 volt
Size (cm): 13 x 3.6cm
Weight (kg): 0.113kg
Liquid to be pumped: Fresh & Salt Water

Very light and portable 12v Rule water pump - weighs only 113gm. Perfect for dropping in a bucket and having a shower while you are camping or to fill your tanks from that pristine creek. A handy item to always have in the tool kit.

It can also power a deck shower or be used as a bilge pump where space is tight. Designed for intermittent use (running up to 20 minutes at a time).

The pump is designed to be used either as a submersible pump with a clip on screen filter or as an in-line pump.

  • Empty your bilge
  • Fish box excavation
  • Camping transfer or shower pump
  • Use as a submersible pump or an inline pump
  • Manually turns on and off
  • Versatile – converts from submersible to inline pump in seconds
  • Not self priming. Must be gravity fed
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Very low power consumption
  • Reliable performance
  • Run dry protection. Should not be run dry for long periods
  • No maintenance
  • Made from durable, lightweight non-corrosive materials
  • Blue wire = Black or negative, and Brown wire = Red or positive
  • Supplied complete with screen filter and 1 metre of wiring cable

Rule IL Series 12V 24V Inline water diesel transfer pump performance chart

Rule IL Series 12V 24V Inline water diesel transfer pump specifications