Water Pumps Now stocks a huge range of 12 volt submersible pumps including 12V bilge pumps, inline pumps which are also dual 12V submersible water pumps and domestic transfer pumps. Most 12 volt submersible water pumps are compatible with both salt and freshwater with a number of inline submersible pumps also used for diesel transfer. Around the home 12V submersible pumps are ideal for emptying swimming pools, cellars or wherever you require a portable water pump to move some water. Fast Free Shipping throughout Australia. Full Australian Warranty. Technical support 1300 411 366. 

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Escaping Outdoors CSP50 12v portable submersible pump
Max Flow Rate: 65 L/min
Max Head: 3m
Max lift: 3m
Pump Pressure: 35PSI
Power: 12V, 7.8 Amps
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 85.00
Reefe RPS34E multistage pressure pump with integrated pressure controller
Max Flow Rate: 80 L/min
Max Head: 32m
Outlets: 25mm
Power: 240v. 3.8 amp. 850 Watts
Brand: Reefe
$ 861.00
Reefe RPS57E multistage pressure pump w integrated pressure controller
Max Flow Rate: 90 L/min
Max Head: 57m
Outlets: 25mm
Power: 240v. 6 amp. 1250 Watts
Brand: Reefe
$ 918.00
Reefe RSE12v solar DC powered sump pump
Max Flow Rate: 70 L/min
Max Head: 7m
Solids: 2mm
Power: 12v. 15 amp. 180 Watts
Brand: Reefe
$ 499.00