SSC220 Stainless Steel Pump - Non-Clog

Model Number: SSC220
Max flow: Tooltip 980 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 20m Head
Inlet/Outlet size: 80mm
Solids handling: 35mm
Impellers: Cutter Type
Cable length: 10m
Amp draw: 4.5 amps
Horse power: Tooltip 2.9HP, 2.2KW
Voltage: 415 volt
Size (cm): 44.1 x 25 x 56.3 cm
Weight (kg): 31kg
Liquid to be pumped: Corrosive - Aggressive Liquids

These Stainless Steel pumps are manufactured from Grade 316 S/S and are ideal for corrosive or aggressive liquids.  The REEFE® I-Series ranges three versions: Drainage, Vortex and Non-Clog single vane impellers. Increased reliability means reduced downtime, ultimately saving you time and money.

This listing is for the SSC220 model. If you wish to purchase a different model if it is not listed in the store please phone on 1300 411 366 or email us.

  • Chemical Plants
  • Food Processing
  • Wineries
  • Industrial Process
  • Trade Waste
  • Flows up to 16.33 L/sec
  • Cutter impeller type
  • High quality stainless steel finish
  • Viton O-Ring
  • Silicone carbide seal
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Auto Coupling kits available
  • Triple Seal System
  • Precision wax castings
  • Viton ElastomersReefe SS range stainless steel pumps specificationsReefe SS range stainless steel pumps performance chart