SMS Alarm Sender

Model Number: RPC30120
$ 3107.00
Rating: Not Rated Yet

A unique feature of the Reefe RPC300 Dual Pump Controller is the coded Data Output, which can be utilized to provide a signal to a remote, compatible device such as this SMS Alarm Sender. The unique feature is that the coded data signal, derived from the Pump Controller’s microprocessor, is conveyed through a low voltage 2 wire connection and then decoded by the BMS unit. Once the signal is decoded the micro controller provides four inputs to the GSM modem which then in turn, sends SMS messages as configured.

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  • Pump controller with coded data output for SMS text alarms
  • Up to 5 separate phone numbers to send messages to
  • Sending of a descriptive message whenever an alarm condition is initiated or cleared
  • Sending of alert message if backup battery voltage drops too low
  • Can be fitted in larger dual or single pump controller enclosure


  • GSM Modem (pre-configured with SIM code and Phone Number)
  • Antenna to suit
  • Battery
  • 12v supply / Battery charger
  • Does not include enclosure


In order to configure the GSM modem, the customer will need to provide the following:

  1.  An active SIM card, SIM code and phone numbers (maximum of 5)
  2. Client to pay ongoing. SIM card costs
  3. Depending on which pump controller is selected, SMS alarm sender may need to be in a separate enclosure