Single Pump Controller - RPC15002 - 240 Volt

$ 1209.00
Model Number: RPC15002
Voltage: 240 volt
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The RPC1500 series single pump controllers are built on the " one controller does it all " concept. Suits both single and 3 phase pumps with inner and outer door options. A simple pump controller, which incorporates many features and control options.

This model: 240v. Outer door. IP44

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Single pump controller for 1 phase pumps ( 240v )

  • Distinctive, highly durable and aesthetically attractive electronic keypad
  • Circuit breaker protected low voltage control and input circuitry
  • Lockable main isolator
  • Auto / Off / Manual operation of pump
  • Thermal overload protection of pump motor
  • Visual and Audible Alarms complete with Mute Switch
  • LED indicator lights for System Status indication
  • Weatherproof, powder coated metal enclosures complete with removable gland plate
  • Inner or outer door display option

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