Pump Control BMS Module - Connects Controller to computer

Model Number: RPC30110
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A unique feature of the RPC1500 pump controllers is the coded data output, which can be utilized to provide a signal to a remote compatible device such as this BMS module. The unique features is that the coded data signal, derived from the pump controller's microprocessor, is conveyed through a low voltage, 2 wire connection and then decoded by the BMS module micro controller. Once the signal is decoded the micro controller provides four voltage free relay outputs for interfacing with a computer or other monitoring equipment.

An additional feature of the BMS module is the inclusion of indicator lights on the circuit board, which can be viewed through the clear enclosure lid, indicating relay 'switched' status. This module operates on 9 - 12V AC / DC and is supplied complete with power pack. Maximum distance between pump controller and BMS module is 150m. The BMS module can also be incorporated inside the Reefe RPC1500 single and RPC3000 dual pump controllers enclosure for tidy installation.

Reefe pump control auxiliary equipment BMS MODULE to connect controller computer

REEFE RPC30110 Pump Controller BMS Module Features

  • Data output
  • Indicator lights
  • Clear enclosure lid
  • Can be incorporated inside the enclosure of RPC1500 and RPC3000 pump control panel

Kit Includes

  • BMS control card 
  • Power pack
  • Polycarbonate enclosure with clear lid 125mm W x 85mm H x 55mm D 


  • 2 core communication cable