RSM82 5" Multistage Submersible Pump

Model Number: RSM82
Max flow: Tooltip 120 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip max' head 80m
Pump rating: Tooltip 72 L/min - 60m
Inlet/Outlet size: 32mm outlet (1 1/4
Cable length: 20m
Voltage: 240 volt
Amp draw: 8.4. 1.5 KW
Packaging Size (cm): 13.5 x 13.5 dia x 62cm
Liquid to be pumped: Clean water
$ 1769.00
Rating: Not Rated Yet

Reefe premium series industrial grade submersible water pump with exceptional efficiency is made in Italy. Ideal for underground or above ground tanks these submersible multistage water pumps have excellent pressure supply for the low amount of power consumed by these water pumps. Continuously rated these 5" multistage submersible water pumps are constructed with industrial grade induction motors. Backed by Reefe's 2 year warranty you can shop with confidence with these excellent submersible water pumps.

The RSM82 can be supplied with additional pump control options:

  • Reefe Pressure controller, switch and tank
  • Reefe dual pump controllers - variable speed controller
  • Incorporate with RainPro RM1500 water diversion valve for Rain to Main Back-up.

(please contact us for a pricing on the additional items)

This Reefe RSM model is the smallest in this range of submersible pumps in our store. 

  • RSME34   95 L/min 34m head
  • RSME68   135 L/min 65m head
  • RSM82     120 L/min 80m head

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  • Clean water supply and booster pump for wells & tanks
  • Household supply and irrigation
  • Commercial fountains - continuous rating
  • Residential water systems - unit complexes
  • Premium 5” multistage for quiet operation
  • Low power consumption - save power
  • Excellent pressure supply up to 800Kpa Max
  • Continuously rated - reliable long term operation
  • Made in Italy - quality guaranteed
  • Can be installed horizontally
  • Stainless steel motor housing, shaft & bushes
  • Noryl Impellers & Diffusers 
  • Thermal overload protection with auto re-set
  • Double silicone carbide/graphite mechanical seal separated by oil chamber
  • IPX8 Rating / Insulation Class F


  • Reefe Pressure Controller / Switch / Tank
  • Reefe Dual Pump Controllers / Variable Speed Controller
  • Incorporate with RainPro RM1500 wastser diversion valve for Rain to Main back-up

Reefe RSM series submersible multistage pump specifications

Reefe RSM series submersible multistage pump performance graph