Universal Pump Screen Filter - 12mm BSP Inlet

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Escaping Outdoors 12V FL Pump Strainer Universal  1/2" BSP

The Escaping Outdoors FL pump strainer filter is a universal pump strainer / filter with 12mm push in and clip type fitting to the pump and half inch male BSP thread end to your pipe connection. The Esaping Outdoors strainers suit most 12 volt, 24 volt and small 240 volt diaphragm pressure pumps with 12mm fittings.

The clear cap on the pump strainer can be removed for easy cleaning of the mesh strainer inside. It will keep particles from passing into your pump and will therefore help extend the life of your water pump.

To suit Escaping Outdoors FL diaphragm pump models below and most diaphragm pressure pumps requiring a 12mm (1/2″ fitting):