Shurflo Pump Filter

Model Number: RWB2957
Packaging Size (cm): 8 x 6cm
Packaging Weight (kg): 100g
$ 73.00
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Genuine Shurflo water pump filter / strainer suits all Shurflo water pump EXCEPT old model Extreme plug-in style pumps. The water pump strainer protects Shurflo electric diaphragm water pumps from pump breakdown due to particles in the water and thereby protects your warranty. The transparent cap screws off to allow for easy inspection and clearing of debris.

The Shurflo water pump strainer is positioned on the inlet side of the pump and strains out particles that may damage your water pump. The clear design allows you to conduct a visual check to know when cleaning is required.

Shurflo Pump Filter Strainer models available

  • RWB2955: Twist on filter with 12mm hose barb inlet
  • RWB2956: Twist on filter with 1/2" male thread inlet
  • RWB2957: Twist on filter with 1/2" male thread inlet and 1/2" female swivel nut (this listing)