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An impeller or impellor is a rotor used to increase the pressure and flow of a fluid.

Pumps can have a single impeller or a many impellers to transfer the energy created by the pumps motor which is driving the pump, to the fluid the pump is pumping, pushing it outwards from the centre of rotation.

Each impeller is made up of vanes which come off the eye or centre of the impeller which create a centrifugal force as they spin.

There are many types and sizes of pump impellers which affect the performance of the pump. Different impellers styles are used in different pump types so the pump can work to the efficiency required for the job it performs. Different impeller styles include open impellers, semi-open impellers, closed impellers, vortex impellers and cutter impellers.

EG: cutter pump impellers are capable of handling sewage and solids and have sharp edged vanes which are capable of cutting through solids before they enter the pump.