Premium quality, sturdy, Australian made pump cover with base to protect your water pump and controller. The Pump cover comes in either saddle or round style with base in a large range of colours to match most tank colors. Penetrations can be made in either end of the pump cover so the lid can stilll be removed. Lids can be fastened to the base of the pump cover for additional security.

Just click on either the saddle or round style of pump cover to view the list of colours available for that pump cover style. Drop us a line with your order with your choice of colour or click here to contact us through the website if you need further help.

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Reefe round pump cover - many colours available
Brand: Reefe
Colours: 16 colours
$ 200.00
Reefe saddle pump cover - multiple colours available
Brand: Reefe
Colours: 24 colours available
$ 266.00