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Pump controllers for automatic control of your pump using a reliable pressure switch or float. 240 volt automatic restart available, with up to 3 year warranty. Free Shipping from NSW.

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Pump Controllers

Float Switch - 2m lead

PC8A2M Float Switch

$ 35.00

Float Switch - 5m lead

PC8A5M Float Switch

$ 39.00

Pump Controller to 2 HP

PC13A Water Pump Controller up to 2HP

$ 75.00

Pump Controller 2-3HP Pumps

From 44PSI to match your pump

$ 95.00

Pump Controller

PC15-3P 1HP Switch to suit the DT40 pump

$ 125.00

Pump Controller

RPC15ADS 1HP Pressure Switch

$ 149.00

Pump Controller

RPC22ADS 1HP Pressure Switch

$ 159.00

Pump Controller

RHMPC15 up to 2HP

$ 160.00

MASControl Pump Controller

RPC22 HF Pressure Switch for 3HP pump

$ 359.00

Hot Water Circulation Pump

Hot water at the tap - always! RHC2060

$ 468.00

WiWo Home Water Controller

Manages water from two sources

$ 512.00

Rule-A-Matic Float Switch

For pumps up to 14 Amps

$ 56.00

Rule-A-Matic Plus Float Switch

For pumps up to 20 Amps

$ 90.00