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Cavitation occurs when the liquid in the pump turns to a vapor at low pressure. This happens because there is not enough pressure at the suction / lift end of the pump. When cavitation takes place, air bubbles are created at low pressure which can make your pump noisy and cause damage to your pump.

Cavitation is bad for your pump causing vibration, a deterioration in pump performance, mechanical damage to your pump and noise which can eventually cause your pump to fail. Vibration is a very common with cavitation and causes many problems within the pump.

Symptoms of pump cavitation:

  • Noise: Noise is created when the bubbles implode in the pump making bubbling noises or rattling noises
  • Seals fail: Seals can leak and fail
  • Erosion of the impeller: parts within the pump become eroded due to pieces of the impeller falling away and damaging other components of the pump
  • Vibration of the pump: unusual vibration of the pump
  • Low water flow or pressure: cavitation may be occurring if the specifications of the pump by the manufacturer are not being met
  • Bubbles around the impeller: you may notice your pump is using more power than normal or the impeller is starting to fail

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