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BAR is a metric unit of pressure.

1 BAR is defined as exactly equal to 100 kPa, or 14.50 PSI

The terms psi and bar are both measurements of pressure in a pump system with pressure being the amount of force applied per unit of area at sea level as 1 bar. 1 bar is equal to 1.47 pounds per square inch (psi). If the term 8 bars is used it is referring to 8 times the pressure at sea level. The higher the number of bars of a pump, the higher the maximum pressure of the pump.

  • 1 bar = 14.504 psi
  • 1 psi = 0.0689 bar

Household pressure pump systems, booster pumps and irrigation pumps have low flow and high pressure (high bar and psi) to achieve required performances whereas a transfer pump is predominantly used to move water from one place to another and uses lower bar /psi using a higher volume of water over the same period of time.

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