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Nothing is nicer when camping than enjoying a great shower at the end of the day. Water Pumps Now has a range of water pumps to give you a great camping shower. If you are unsure of which one is best for you then give us a call on 1300 411 366 for some friendy advice.

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Escaping Outdoors FL2202 12V single tap camp shower pump
Max Flow Rate: 4.3 L/min
Max Head: 2m
Max lift: 0.8m
Pump Pressure: 35PSI
Outlets: 1
Power: 12V, 3.3 Amps
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
SKU: FL2202
$ 45.00
Escaping Outdoors FL30 12V caravan diaphragm pressure pump
Max Flow Rate: 9.3 L/min
Max Head: 2.5m
Max lift: 1m
Pump Pressure: 17 PSI
Outlets: 1-2
Power: 12V, 2.2 Amps
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
$ 88.00
Rule IL Blue 12V inline water diesel transfer pump
Style: Water or Diesel Transfer
Type: Dual use: Submersible or inline
Max Flow Rate: 11 L/min
Max Head: 6m
Pump Pressure: 14PSI
Power: 12V, 6 Amps
Brand: Rule
SKU: Rule - Blue
$ 90.00
Rule IL200 12V fresh sea water or diesel inline or submersible transfer pump
Type: Fresh or Salt Water Transfer
Style: Dual use: Submersible or Inline
Max Flow Rate: 12 L/min
Max Head: 7.5m
Pump Pressure: 14PSI
Power: 12V, 2.8 Amps
Brand: Rule
SKU: RWB2620
$ 64.90