Bronze Flexible Impeller Pump Head Kit - 2″ Port Pump

Model Number: J50-167
Max flow: Tooltip Rated at: 271 L/min at 3m head
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$ 3065.00
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Jabsco bronze flexible impeller pump head kits allow close coupled connection to 240 volt or 415 volt motors for bilge or fire fi ghting pumps on larger or commercial marine vessels. Please enquire for price of complete unit with motor voltage of your choice. Available in 1½″ and 2″ port size.

The flexible impeller pump heads can be purchased on their own, and then a motor added - or we can quote and make up the complete finished unit including motor, coupling unit and pump head.

  • 1½″ Port Pump 11,700 litres per hour @ 3 metre head @ 1500 RPM
  • 2″ Port Pump 16,300 litres per hour @ 3 metre head @ 1500 RPM

NOTE: Head Kits Only - WITHOUT Motors