Stainless Steel Drainage, Vortex and Non-Clog Pumps manufactured from Grade 316 S/S and are ideal for corrosive or aggressive liquids used for food processing, wineries, chemical plants and trade waste whilst our Magnetic Drive Pump is perfect for food and wine industries as it is resistant to most organic and inorganic acid, alkali and salty solutions.

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Escaping Outdoors 16CQF-8 magnetic drive low PSI chemical pump
Max Flow Rate: 25 L/min
Max Head: 8m
Pump Pressure: 35PSI
Power: 240V, 0.12KW
Brand: Escaping Outdoors
SKU: 16CQF-8
$ 429.00
Reefe SSD075 industrial grade drainage pump for corrosive liquids
Type: Automatic
Max Flow Rate: 350 L/min
Max Head: 14.5m
Impellers:-1 Drainage Type
Solids: 10mm
Power: 240V, 1HP, 0.75KW, 4.8 Amps
Brand: Reefe
Reefe SSV075 industrial grade vortex pump for corrosive liquids
Type: Automatic
Max Flow Rate: 390 L/min
Max Head: 12.5m
Impellers:-1 Vortex Type
Solids: 35mm
Power: 240V, 1HP, 0.75KW, 5 Amps
Brand: Reefe
Reefe SSV370 stainless steel industrial vortex pump for corrosive chemicals
Type: Manual
Max Flow Rate: 1200 L/min
Max Head: 21m
Impellers:-1 Vortex Type
Solids: 38mm
Power: 415V, 5HP, 3.75KW, 7.6Amps
Brand: Reefe