Pressure Switch, Gauge and Tee

Model Number: EOPSGT
Pressure: Tooltip 4 bar 60 PSI
Inlet/Outlet size: 1 inch
Horse power: Tooltip suits pumps to 10 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
$ 65.00
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High quality water pump pressure switch with 5 way tee and pressure gauge for controlling all types of electrical driven water transfer pumps. Pressure switches are diaphragm actuated. These durable pressure switches monitor systems to start and stop a pump at pre-set pressures.


Escaping Outdoors 1″ Water Pressure Switch Applications

Items supplied: 5 way brass tee, pressure gauge and pressure switch

5 way tee: The 5-way Brass Tee fitting allows compact installation of the water pump for a pressure switch, pressure gauge, pressure tank, and flexible hose to your water source.

Pressure gauge: The pressure gauge allows you to observe what pressure you have in your system and assists with setting your water pressure switch. The pressure gauge is measured in PSI or BAR

Pressure switch: The pressure switch ensures automatic starting and stopping of your electric water transfer pump according to the set pressure values.

Suits pressure pumps requiring automated low pressure, ideal for water transfer including:

  • Escaping Outdoors CPM130, CPM146, CPM158, CPM180 and CPM200 centrifugal water transfer pump range

Escaping Outdoors centrifugal water transfer pumps pressure switch gauge and tee