Digital Pressure Switch w 5 Way T Kit - Dual Pump Systems

Model Number: EPS2.T-KIT
Maximum pressure: 10 Bar
Pressure: Tooltip Cut in range: 0.5 - 7 bar
Cut out range: 0.5 - 8 bar
Pressure differential: (cut out- cut in) Min: 1 bar. Max' 7.5 bar
Horse power: Tooltip 0.37kW - 2.2kW
Amp draw: 16 amps
Voltage: 240 volt
$ 319.00
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The Reefe digital presssure switch is an electronically controlled pressure switch with integrated digital manometer and transducer. The digital pressure switch is designed for simplicity of control over 240v single phase pressure pumps. Incorporating easy to use push button controls and simple digital display, this digital pressure switch can be used in most high demanding domestic and rural applications where pressure setting requirements may vary.

REEFE Digital Pressure Switch (Dual Pump Systems) Applications

  • Constant pressure supply in domestic and irrigation applications
  • Automatic operation of submersible and dry mount pressure pumps
  • Replacement for old style mechanical pressure switches
  • Dual pump system (EPS2)

digital pressure switch for water pump

REEFE Digital Pressure Switch (Dual Pump Systems) Features

  • Easily adjustable cut-in and cut-out pressures for operator safety
  • Inbuilt pressure transducer for accurate pressure detection
  • Pump protection functions including:
  • Run dry protection – minimum pressure detection
  • Fast cycling protection of pump when pressure tank fails
  • Pressure sensor failure isolates the pump
  • Highly visual digital display and controls
  • Light indicators – visual alarms and power status
  • Pressure settings in either BAR or PSI - choose your preference
  • Available with quick plug, 3-Pin socket or hard wired connections (optional)

EPS2 also includes:

  • Run dry protection – minimum current
  • Overload alarm – amperage overload
  • Capability to operate 2 pumps together in duty alternating or duty assist operation
  • Ability to measure instantaneous current consumption (amps)
  • Maximum liquid temperature 40°C
  • Maximum ambient temperature 50°C
  • Certified to AS/NZS4020 for use with potable water
  • Ingress protection IP55