Browse Water Pumps Now extensive range of high quality industrial grade pressure pumps for high volume irrigation suitable for parks and gardens, farm irrigation, footy ovals, large green areas and sprinkler systems. 

Need help to choose the right pressure pump. Just give us a call or contact us. We're here to help! We'll need to know:

1. The maximum distance the water travels from the pump to the outlet/s

2. The approximate maximum vertical height from the pump to the outlet/s or sprinklers

3. How far in distance and lift (suction) is the water source from the pump

4. What size (diameter) and type of pipe are you using

5.  How many sprinklers / drippers / taps will the pump be servicing in total 

6. What is the GPM (gallons per minute) of the sprinkler heads and PSI (pounds per squrse inch) requirements. 

6. Dependant on how many sprinklers and the total GPM will determine how many zones you will need or how many seperate lines. 

7. Do you wish to automate your system with a controller

These simple questions will help us to determine which pump is right for your application. 

Either drop us an email, call our team on 1300 411 366 or try our pump chooser to help with selection. 

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