Non-return Valve

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Non-return Valve

A non-return valve is used in a water pump application when the water source is a closed tank and situated lower or equal to the height of the pump. 

The non-return valve is connected directly on the outlet side of the tank and must be installed in the correct position to do the job it is used for.

The valve is used to keep the pump primed. It is a relatively cheap component in a pump system but extremelly important to have. Without the use of the valve the water in the pumps line can siphon back to the tank causing an air pocket and a drop in pressure. The pump will sense the drop in pressure and turn on but as it is primarily pumping air and not water it will continually stay on until the motor overheats and dies. A non-return valve will prevent this happening.

A non return valve does the same job as a check valve also known as a foot valve. The difference is a foot valve is used when you have your pipe going into a hole into a water source or dropping into a water source. A non-return valve is the choice when connecting to a tank or a container with an designated outlet.

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