Waterpro DHM72 Multistage Pressure Pump

Model Number: DHM72
Max flow: Tooltip 72 L/min
Head/Draw: Tooltip 47m
Pump rating: Tooltip 35 L/min, 40m Head
Inlet/Outlet size: 25mm
Horse power: Tooltip 0.75HP, 0.55kw
Amp draw: 3.8 amp
Voltage: 240 volt
No. taps/outlets: 4 - 6
Packaging Size (cm): 34 x 16 x 33.5cm
$ 1068.00
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Waterpro DHM72 heavy duty stainless steel multi-stage house pressure pump designed for years of quiet, efficient and vibration free operation. Suitable for many applications from house and garden to commercial water supply. A multistage house and garden pressure pump capable of handling fluid temperatures up to 60°C. An extra quiet water pump with controller giving many years of trouble free operation.

Waterpro Multistage House Pressure Pump Applications

  • Whole house supply, apartment blocks
  • Commercial laundry applications
  • Amenities blocks, hotels, restaurants
  • Stock watering systems, chicken farms
  • Irrigation supply

Waterpro quiet multistage pressure pump series specifications Water Pumps Now

Waterpro Multistage House Pressure Pump Features

  • Automatic pressure controller giving consistent supply with run-dry protection
  • Lower Power Consumption
  • Excellent Pressure - up to 580Kpa Max
  • Quick-plug electrical connections on pressure controller
  • Special function on pressure controller that automatically checks for water every 24 hours after a run dry event
  • 2 Year warranty 
  • Certified under AS/NZS4020 for use with potable water

Waterpro Multistage House Pressure Pump Construction

  • All wetted parts are made of grade 304 stainless steel
  • Continuous duty, 2-pole induction motor
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Ingress Protection IP54
  • Insulation Class F